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Health is wealth

Peanut butter is a firm favorite among adults and children alike. Although tasty, many people wonder about Peanut butter is a firm favorite among adults and children alike. Although tasty, many people wonder about the health benefits of peanut butter.


Peanuts and peanut butter contain nutrients that may boost a person's heart health and improve blood sugar levels. Depending on how people use peanut butter in their diet, it can help them lose weight, or put on pounds during weight training or bodybuilding.Peanut butter is rich in health benefits including essential nutrients, antioxidants, and increased heart, brain, digestive function.

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Indian Farms peanut butter is prepared from peanuts having a FASSI grade certificate. Our peanuts are processed with both electronic and visual cleaning and sorting in order to remove any foreign material. We then roast to our customer’s specification for flavor, taste and color. After roasting, we blanch our peanuts to remove peanut skins and grind to produce the proper formula. Based on our customer’s specification, other ingredients are added during the grinding process to meet your formula.

INGREDIENT STATEMENT: Peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (rapeseed, cottonseed and soyabean), salt and Molasses.we added ingredients as per  buyer's requirmerequirements .


 The outside of the container will be   labled  with: buyer's COMPANY FIRM 


SHIPPING:  All trucks used for transporting the material must be clean, dry and free from conditions that could result in contamination of the raw material. 2. Less than truckload (LTL) quantities must not be harmful or deleterious nature. 3. A packing slip must be included with each shipment.

STORAGE: Store in cool, clean, dry area not above 50% relative humidity.

SHELF LIFE GUIDELINES: 12 months maximum shelf life under the above storage conditions.

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Benefits  of peanut butter

Health is Wealth is not only perceived but also strongly believed by us. Considering.he significance and vitalities of health and after extensive consumer survey, our. directors have come up with a product:peanut Butter, which encompasses some very important health benefits such as


:Aids Weight Loss Eating small quantities at a gap of every three hours has proven prevent weight gain.Apply Peanut butter to your sandwiches complement your food intake between your meals.


Packed with Nutrients .Not only is Peanut butter tasty and filling. it is also packed with  nutrients which will benefit your body in manifold ways.


Energy Booster Experiencing an energy boost everyday as you resort to a lip making Peanut Butter contained snack of food.


Heart Friendly Peanut butter is heart friendly and is considered to be a good spread for any kind of alight snack. 


Fiber Rich Fibers are essential for a good digestive system and Peanut butter could provide this rich resource to foster easy digestion. 


Source of Protein Receive a daily dose of proteins as you have some Peanut  butter during the day.Healthy Fat

Be healthy ,Be fit